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United Nations World Diversity Day

The International Festival USA Celebration of the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

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International Focus Magazine Pages 13-14

Watch Live: The International Festival USA United Nations World Diversity Day Celebration
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The International Festival of the United States of America, recognized as 'The Nation’s Official Celebration of Multiculturalism and Diversity,' commemorates the United Nations' designation of May 21 as the "World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development." This significant celebration, dating back to 2002, was held in conjunction with The Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Houston's City Hall.


The distinguished gathering included luminaries such as Mayor Sylvester Turner, Gina Belafonte of, Dr. Judy Cheng-Hopkins, UN Assistant Secretary General for Peacebuilding Support, Paula Boland of the United Nations USA National Council, and other notable figures encompassing human rights advocates, congressional representatives, and leaders from various organizations.


The Mistress of Ceremony for this esteemed event was Lisa Trapani Shumate, Associate VP and General Manager of Houston Public Media (PBS). The assembly represented a powerful union dedicated to fostering dialogue, understanding, and development amidst diverse cultural landscapes.

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